theFIRM located in Rochester, NY

“Global Reach With Small Town Touch”

President’s Message

Established in 2014 Facilities Installation Relocation & Management (theFIRM) was a re-branding of an established company. Reaffirming honesty and integrity as our foremost characteristic, the ensuing expansion has enjoyed growing success in local, national and international markets.

Our projects are driven by our customers. Our company’s objective has always been to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and we at theFIRM have made this a commitment of the highest order. We value our relationships with not only our customers but, equally as important, with our alliance partners.

We look forward to continuing existing relationships and establishing new ones.

J. David Lortscher
President and Founder

Customer Driven Projects

Our company’s objective has always been to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and it has gone to extraordinary lengths to realize that goal. In 2014, in its twentieth year of operation, the corporation adopted the name of theFIRM and made the strategic decision to expand its business, dramatically increase its employee base, solicit and retain new customers, and establish itself as a full-spectrum organization offering installation and relocation service in addition to project management services.


Well-managed companies are continually seeking to offer their workers a working environment that is pleasant, space-efficient, and maximally conducive to the highest possible productivity.


Installation is a complex and demanding undertaking, and constitutes the core of our company’s expertise. It is the largest percentage of our company’s business and an activity at which we excel.


As our clients faculty’s needs change, our company is proficient at making the relocation as smooth, cost-efficient, and stress-free as possible.


While installation is our company’s core competence, we would not be able to deliver a fully satisfactory experience to our clients without a high degree of Project Management expertise.

What’s your project?

We specialize in:

  • System Furniture Installation
  • Architectural Product Installation
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Office Reconfiguration
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Panel & Carpet Cleaning
  • Warehousing
  • Relocation